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Magnetic Water Conditioners

Magnetic Water Conditioners
We bring you solutions to problem bore waters, through our many years of experience in water science and irrigation management. We supply Australian-made MAGNETIC WATER CONDITIONERS.

Pure Water
Ozone System
The system is capable of treating very bad waters, and the end result is the cleanest water you could ever hope for. No colour. No smell. It's a very easy system to install and to operate, and it's cheap and safe because it's completely natural!

Acidic Water
Our acid treatment systems use calcite as media to raise the pH balance to above 7.0. Works with pH balances as low as 5.0. Calcite is an alkaline mineral, which acts as a sacrificial media to reduce acidicty in water.

Drinking Water
We carry a range of drinking water solutions to make your water safe!

Ultraviolet (UV) systems as a total minimal-maintenance system that is installed inline to sterilise water completely. All microorganisms, ie. bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae are destroyed on contact with ultraviolet. Much easier than chlorinating, and without that swimming-pool taste.



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BioFarm Agricultural has been diagnosing and treating rural water problems for many years, and we supply the best and the strongest range of magnetic water conditioners on the market, made in a factory in Newcastle right here in Australia! Made to our specifications, and backed by a solid money-back guarantee! And no "one size fits all" approach! We have FIVE different strength classes, so we can match the correct model to suit your water problem. And we have the expertise and experience do this!


Our Magnetic Water Conditioners focus a very intense magnetic field through the pipe wall into the water to be treated.

The very strong and intense magnetic field within the conditioner causes the water molecules to change. The magnetic field interferes with the ionic charges of the mineral ions (which ARE the salts) in the water, which makes them not behave like salts anymore. This change results in the water acting "softer". The minerals contained in the water lose their ability to bond (bond ionically). Calcium and magnesium no longer set like cement, and sodium (and other elements and salts) lose their ability to bind to the soil particles.

DOES it work?

Have a look at what some of our happy customers have said HERE




Due to the water acting "softer" after the conditioner, soaps, detergents and cleaning chemicals perform more efficiently, as a result less is required. Calcium, magnesium and bicarbonates no longer build up in pipes, fittings and on glass and screens as cement-like limescale. Plant leaf-burn from saline waters is reduced, and the effects of salinity in soil on plant growth (water-stress, stunted growth, leaf-burn and salt build-up) is reduced considerably, and often prevented altogether depending on the level of salinity and on the choice of plants. We have five different strength classes, so can therefore deal with some very bad water qualities!


Water is the greatest solvent known. Wherever it goes it dissolves small particles of everything it contacts. Two of the most common minerals dissolved are calcium and magnesium. These dissolved minerals cause the water to be "hard", and go on to redeposit on pipes, hot water systems, household appliances and any other surface the water may come in contact with, building up a limescale.

This limescale in industry reduces efficiency of equipment, increases fuel requirements and increases maintenance time and costs. Maintaining scale free surfaces allows maximum heat transfer and utilization of equipment. In other areas this limescale build up reduces the interior diameter of the pipe leading to inefficiency, blockage, and even total destruction of the pipe or appliance. The conditioner prevents "limescale" building up in household appliances that use water and surfaces like tiles, sinks and glass, etc. And it turns hard water into soft water.

before-and-after effects on calcium scale in pipes

Magnetic water conditioning is a superior, proven environmentally safe, non-chemical approach to the treatment of water. In many areas of rural and urban Australia, magnetic water conditioning is the accepted treatment for a whole range of lousy bore water problems.
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BioFarm's Aussie-made Magnetic Water Conditioners will stop iron build up in pipelines, micro and drip irrigation equipment, stop the staining of plants and in most cases decrease staining of buildings and fences.


With our treatment water with higher than normal levels of SALT can be used for irrigation without harmful effects to plants. Our Magnetic Water Conditioner in most cases will prevent leaf burn, reduce sodium and chloride build up in plant tissue and reduce sodium and chloride build up in soil. We have the soil tests to prove that this is indeed the case. Sodium, chloride and salinity buildup from using saline waters will not only stop happening, previous salt build-up will leach through and the soil will return to where it was before.

Note that this depends on exactly how salty the water is to begin with, as seriously saline waters may still have their limitations even after treatment. We need to see a water test results, so we can match the correct strength model with the level of salinity and mineral content in the water. if you don't have a water test, we can arrange this for you.

To see a testimonial to the effects of magnetically-treated high-sodium water click here

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No chemicals or waste byproducts
No electricity required
No maintenance or servicing required
No water volume limits
Never needs replacing - never wears out
Five different strengths, and different sizes to suit different pipe sizes  

 If you have calcium scale build-up in

  • Pipes, water fittings and outlets
  • Hot water systems
  • Evaporative air conditioner
  • Swimming pools
  • Boilers, heat-exchangers or other industrial applications

Agricultural applications:

  • Blockages in drippers and micro-spray irrigation
  • Iron build-up in pipes, outlets, and on leaves
  • Salts in irrigation water affecting crop performance and soil health
  • Algae grows in hydroponics, misters, drippers, sprays, pipes, tanks, stock drinking troughs
  • A range of sizes for all pipe sizes....up to 600mm!

Domestic applications:

  • Blockages in garden irrigation
  • Iron staining
  • Salty water affecting plants
  • Sodium causing the soil to set hard
  • Calcium scale in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens
  • Calcium scale in swimming pools and filters
  • Calcium scale when you try to wash the car or the windows
  • Calcium scale damaging hot water systems and other appliances
  • Calcium scale blocking the evaporative air conditioner screens

Results? Click HERE to read about a few.....


Our units have a money-back guarantee. Therefore we don't want to waste your time or our time by sending out units without making sure they will do the job. All waters are different, and we need to match the right unit with YOUR water and situation. (This is why we have no Shopping Cart option on the site for magnetic water conditioners.)

You need to:

  • Contact us, and let us know what the problem is.
  • Supply us with an up-to-date water analysis. Don't have one? We can arrange water tests that are speedy, comprehensive and cheap. Please click HERE for a information on how to send us a water sample.
  • We will analyse your water test results, and make a recommendation as to what strength model you will need. The worse the water....the stronger the conditioner needed.
  • Let us know the size of the pipe that you want to fit the unit to. And let us know your system configuration, so we can suggest the best place to put it.
  • Once we know all this, we can tell you what you need and what it will cost. And if you're happy with that, we can soon have you organised with a magnetic conditioner that's perfect for your situation.
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