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Magnetic Water Conditioners

Magnetic Water Conditioners
We bring you solutions to problem bore waters, through our many years of experience in water science and irrigation management. We supply Australian-made MAGNETIC WATER CONDITIONERS.

Pure Water
Ozone System
The system is capable of treating very bad waters, and the end result is the cleanest water you could ever hope for. No colour. No smell. It's a very easy system to install and to operate, and it's cheap and safe because it's completely natural!

Acidic Water
Our acid treatment systems use calcite as media to raise the pH balance to above 7.0. Works with pH balances as low as 5.0. Calcite is an alkaline mineral, which acts as a sacrificial media to reduce acidicty in water.

Drinking Water
We carry a range of drinking water solutions to make your water safe!

Ultraviolet (UV) systems as a total minimal-maintenance system that is installed inline to sterilise water completely. All microorganisms, ie. bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae are destroyed on contact with ultraviolet. Much easier than chlorinating, and without that swimming-pool taste.


F. Lenz, Mt Larcom QLD

Using high-salinity water with high calcium and magnesium for growing pawpaws

It hasn’t blocked the dripper holes in the T-tape (irrigation tubing with small orifices), and calcium doesn’t build in the toilet bowl anymore. Pawpaws are only supposed to have less than 1,800 conductivity (measurement of salinity in water), and these are growing on 3,400. They’re growing mostly on the bore water, as we haven’t had much rain, so it must be working. I’ve been using it for over a year now.

A. Shepherson, Yeppoon QLD

Using very high (Class 5) salinity water for domestic gardening

Yes, I’m happy. It’s working fine, and nothing’s dying in the garden

  L. Gaston, St George QLD

Using Class 3 salinity water, with high calcium and sodium levels for gardening and lawns

Yes, I’m quite happy with the performance. It’s doing the job and giving me no trouble. It’s doing exactly what they said it would do.

E. F., Toowoomba QLD

Using water with high calcium levels that used to form scale

It appears to be working very well. It stops the calcium settling on the lawn and path. Instead of sticking there, it runs right off now. Yes, I’m happy with the results.

L. Swan, Wallumbilla QLD

Using Class 3 salinity water with very high sodium for growing plants and lawns

It breaks down the salts and you can grow plants with it, which we couldn’t do before. We have really bad water here, and after it goes through the magnetic field I’ve got plants and trees growing that I couldn’t grow before. I’ve got no complaints.

W. C., Yeppoon QLD

Using extremely salty Class 6 salinity water for gardening

Yes, it seems to be working fine. It’s not burning the plants like it used to.

R. Mobbs, Bollon QLD

Using Class 3 salinity water with high sodium levels for gardens and lawns

Yes, I’m happy. And I’ve already ordered a few more for friends, and have put other people onto you. Yes, it certainly works.

K.H., Kingaroy QLD

Using extremely salty Class 5 salinity water with extremely high calcium levels for lawns and gardens

We are extremely happy with the unit, as you told me our water was the hardest water you had ever seen and you did not guarantee usage on my vegetable garden. I am very happy to say the vegetables are doing fine, as well as my kikuyu lawn.

Vishakar Mani, Tiruchengode, Tamil Nadu, India

High calcium water in irrigation pipes and dripper outlets causing blockages

Wish you and your family in good health. The two magnetic water conditioner you supplied are working well. So we are able to eliminate one problem i.e., salt formation in drip tubes.

Daryl Conway, Jambin QLD

Class 4 salinity water with high sodium, used for gardens and lawns

Yes, I'm happy. The plants are less affected by the salt in the water .

Terry Robertson, Southport QLD

Class 3 salinity water used for domestic gardens and lawns

Yes, I'm very happy. Before when we put the water onto seedlings they'd turn yellow and they wouldn't grow, and now they're doing extremely well.

Clive Peterson, Sarina QLD

Domestic gardens and household, with very hard and Class 2 salinity water

The lawn used to struggle. Then I put the conditioner on, watered, and went away for four days. It looked like someone had fertilised it! Now I have to spend more time mowing! And I used to get white spots on my black ute. Now it's just a fine powder that brushes or falls off. I'll be getting one for the house soon.

George Wikaira, Bundaberg QLD (HAVE A LOOK AT SOME PHOTOS HERE)

Domestic gardens (veges & fruit trees) with a water conductivity of 5,290

I've trialled Tomatoes, Lettuce and Strawberries (just a small plot) and apart from a little leaf burn when the water has hit the leaf, all are growing well. Without the magnetic conditioner they would all be dead by now. The Lemon Tree is responding well as well.

Footnote: Magnetic conditioners do NOT "sell themselves". Without proper water testing and problem-diagnosis, and without the technical expertise provided by BioFarm Agricultural's many years of experience and attention to detail, the end-results would have been quite different. This is why we DON'T have a "shopping cart", and we don't sell anything without proper water analysis. We strongly suggest that you avoid trying to "do it yourself", and that you avoid dealing with opportunists and the various marketplace "cowboys" who prey on the uninformed.

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