We bring you solutions to problem bore waters, through our many years of experience in water science and irrigation management. We supply Australian-made MAGNETIC WATER CONDITIONERS. They work, and they're guaranteed! They work in household, irrigation and industrial applications.

Salinity, high-levels of calcium, magnesium and iron, hardness and lime-scaling. They last a lifetime, require no power or maintenance, and are a fraction of the cost of electronic alternatives. BioFarm Agricultural has been diagnosing and treating rural water problems for many years, and we supply the best and the strongest magnetic water conditioners on the market, made in a factory in Newcastle right here in Australia! Made to our specifications, and backed by a solid money-back guarantee!
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Please note! YES, we DO sell Magnetic Water Conditioners!

But we do NOT sell Magnetic Water Conditioners directly from the site via our "shopping cart".

This is a specialised area, and requires scientific analysis of individual and current water tests (which we can arrange for you simply), as well as your individual situation. We feel that to do any less would be irresponsible and unprofessional, and would result in a less than satisfactory result for you. We pride ourselves on never having a single return, and we attribute that to our professional and personal approach.

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Jeff Harvie is an experienced soil scientist and soil agronomist from Central QLD. After completing his studies at Orange Agricultural College (then a campus of the University of Sydney) with an Advanced Diploma of Farm Management (later adding an Advanced Diploma of Horticulture from the same institution) more

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